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Welcome to the Cheetah project!

Cheetah's purpose is to develop open source smart software for care-free diabetes.

You are invited to become an Cheetah Owning Member. Are you one of the potential Cheetah Participants?

About Cheetah—Your Artificial Pancreas Dank Harry!

Diabetes is a very common, almost epidemic, disease. Your world changes when diabetes is diagnosed. From that moment on, you have to carefully monitor blood glucose levels to assure that they are within the normal range. You can then respond quickly to high or low blood sugar levels (hyper- or hypoglycemia) with appropriate intervention. Intervention is normally in the form of taking in food (carbohydrates), or injecting insuline.

Getting the habit of taking over from your pancreas takes time and effort. Enter Cheetah. Cheetah is smart software that helps you improve your diabetes care so that you feel good all the time.

Feel free to read the original Cheetah Project Proposal.

Download the latest version of Cheetah.


The Team

Meta / Tools

Cheetah background information and inspiration


  • Since Cheetah is intended for a global audience, all text will be in English by default.
  • Selected parts will be localized when needed. E.g. Press Releases in both English and Dutch.
  • Software needs to be [wiki:Internationalization Internationalized] (I18N) right from the start, and localized on demand from the market (L10N).

Development Sprints

Development sprints typically take a week. During the weekly meeting we will:

  • Acceptance test any completed stories.
  • Address and decide on any issues, problems and questions.
  • Select and prioritize stories for the next sprint.