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Eclipse is a sophisticated IDE, largely written in Java. Its plug-in framework allows other people to contribute functionality, such as Tigris' Subclipse feature.

If you have any questions about Eclipse, feel free to ask them here and we'll try to answer them.

Useful commands

  • Delete current line (Ctrl+D)
  • Source -> Organize Imports. Automatically import unimported classes, and remove unused imports.
  • Source -> Format. Format source code to adhere to conventions
  • Source -> Quick Fix. Place the caret in text with a squiggly red error line under it. Select Source -> Quick Fix to let Eclipse offer solutions to the errors. Very convenient to quickly generate empty methods, classes, et cetera.
  • Refactor -> Rename.... Rename a class, field, method or variable and automatically update all uses of the element.

Turning off serialVersionUID warnings

From the menu bar, select Window -> Preferences.... Select the Java -> Compiler -> Errors/Warnings tab. Expand the Potential programming problems item, and set the Serializable class without serialVersionUID item to Ignore. Press OK, and select Yes when Eclipse offers to rebuild.

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