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Other diabetes care software

Other software that aid in managing diabetes and offer serious input for Cheetah:

Interesting Related Projects

How is Cheetah different?

Yet another software solution that helps managing diabetes? What's new? So let's test Cheetah against these IdeaKillers.

Use these idea killers to make Cheetah the strongest, most wanted piece of software. Ever!


  • puts you in control
  • involves you to co-create Cheetah to fit their most urgent needs through a unique community process
  • helps reducing "hypers" and "hypos" to an absolute minimum
  • allows physicians, specialists and care takers transparent and controlled access to a wealth of diabetic information
  • is always up to date with food nutrition information
  • is the only diabetes care software that continuosly learns and adapts to your situation to suggest insulin doses and carb intake
  • is fully distributed
  • does not require any adminstration or backup
  • is self-organizing
  • is self-healing
  • is Original Dutch Software™
  • is Open Source Software
  • runs on Mac, PC, PDA and mobile phones
  • has a strong and dedicated development team evolving the software
  • uses a unique business model that helps creating a better planet

Got something else that makes Cheetah unique? Add it to the list!