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photo © Martijn van Steenbergen

The purpose of the Microsoft Innovation Center Netherland (MIC NL) is to help developers, ISVs, students, entrepreneurs, and governments to develop and deploy innovative software solutions based on technology and solutions from Microsoft and Microsoft Certified Partners.

Please visit the official Microsoft Innovation Center Nederland website. This is just a working document.

The MIC NL is part of the global network of centers that in turn are part of Microsoft's focus on the development of Local Software Economies (LSEs) worldwide. It hosts around 5,000 developers, IT professionals, Technical Decision Makers and Business Decision Makers annualy in a friendly open and hospital environment.

The MIC NL provides customers and partners a consistent and comprehensive set of consulting services, training programs and technical seminars with the goal of fostering innovation in the software economy.

At the MIC NL we focus on the transfer of information and knowledge, and development of innovative software solutions with our community of industry, academic, and government partners.

MIC NL focuses on:

  • Prosperous local software enterprises and ecosystems
  • Local software IP
  • Local talent
  • Competent and loyal Microsoft partners
  • Comprehensive Microsoft solutions
  • Strong local technical support

MIC NL Principles of Organization

  1. Be open to anyone subscribing to the Puropse and Principles in conducting MIC NL activities.
  2. Have the right to self-organize at any time, on any scale, in any form or around any activity consistent with the Purpose and Principles.
  3. Conduct deliberations and make decisions by bodies and methods that reasonably represent all relevant affected parties and are dominated by none.
  4. Vest authority, perform functions and use resources in the smallest or most local part that includes all relevant and affected parties.
  5. Educe rather than compel behavior to the maximum possible degree.

MIC NL Principles of Practice

  1. Enable participants to protect private information and relationships from unwanted monitoring, intrusion, disclosure, or use.
  2. Work to ensure diversity of solutions and communities.
  3. Work to ensure that no member obtains an intrinsic advantage in the MIC NL LSE.
  4. Work to ensure that voting rights and membership fees are derived from a common formula based on each members contribution to the MIC NL LSE.
  5. Freely and fully exchange information relevant to the Purpose and Principles unless it violates confindentiality or materially diminishes competitive position.
  6. Resolve conflict without resort to economic, physical or other violence or intimidation.

MIC NL Principles of Operation

  1. Provide infrastructure services on a best effort basis.
  2. Provide core services including, but not limited to, the most recent RTM versions (including any official service packs) of:
    • Windows Server
    • Active Directory;
    • DHCP;
    • DNS;
    • SMS;
    • MOM;
  3. Provide Virtual Machine and Virtual Server environments for Participants to run their own applications without affecting others.

In order for the MIC NL Staff to comply with the above Principles of Organization and Principles of Practice, we kindly ask you to:

  1. Acknowledge the dedicated reservation of machines Aap and Noot to run the MIC NL Core Services; these Core Machines are to be operated on by MIC NL staff only.
  2. Be responsible for your own backups; none of your data will be backed up by MIC NL Staff;
  3. Understand and accept the fact that storage capacity used by you on the MIC NL SAN is "leased" for one month and will be eligible for (automatic) garbage collection after the lease period;
  4. Understand and accept that the MIC NL Staff can not and will not be responsible for any privacy or intellectual property violation of information stored by third party Participants;
  5. Resolve any scheduling conflicts initially directly between the conflict owners before escalating to Lead Pilot or Orchestrator.

Seeing Is Believing

The MIC NL provides a professional, well-equipped and cost-effective facility with an open atmosphere that is ideally suited to host:

  • Seminars;
  • Workshops;
  • Master Classes;
  • Executive Briefings;
  • Meetings;
  • Hands-on Labs;
  • Proof of Concepts;
  • Migration and Performance Labs.

Take your partners and customers for a treat at the MIC so they can see their wishes come true.

Hardware Configuration

The Training Room is equipped with:

20 HP xw4300 workstation, Intel 3.00GHz/2MB 800FSB Pentium 4 CPU, NVIDIA Quadro FX3450 256MB PCIe Card, HP 2GB (4x512MB)DDR2-533 ECC memory, HP 160GB SATA 3Gb/s NCQ 7200 1st HDD, HP PS/2 Standard Keyboard, HP USB Optical Scroll Mouse, HP L1906 LCD Top Value Monitor.

A special Server Room facilitates:

1 HP Integrity rx4640 System with 4 Itanium 2 1.6G 6MB Processors and 4 x 2 GB DDR Memory and 73 GB internal SCSI disk.
5 HP BL20pG3 X3.4GHz/800 2MB 2P 2GB Blade (72 GB fixed disk).
28 HP SAN 146GB 10k 2Gb eva FC disk (total 4 TB).

All workstations and servers are connected through a LAN. Workstations can be installed from the image server by providing a prepared Virtual PC image.

This configuration includes extra Carepaqs for installation, 24x7 Software Support and 6 hour Call To Repair (CTR) Hardware Services.

The server configuration will be kept up-to-date with the latest technological developments with a six months interval and only when needed.

Software Configuration

Hi Martin This is your call. (Windows Server, Office? MOM? SMS?, etc.)

Roles & Responsibilities

Martin Sih Lead Pilot, primary owner of all server infrastructure, Services Catalog, and Core Services. Primary contact for any technical questions and responsible for balancing specific requirements and requests. Offers services on a best effort basis.
Tiander Turpijn Co-Pilot, backup for the Lead Pilot.
Marcel Westra Specific focus on the Integrity server in conjunction with SQL Server demos, pilots, and proof of concepts.
Martien van Steenbergen Orchestrator, responsible for wholeness and harmony.


Core Services The basic and essential services required to run and operate IT services.
LSE Local Software Ecosystem.
MIC NL Staff Personnel in charge of daily operations of the MIC NL facilities, including, but not limited to, registration, administration, reception, management, catering, hospitality, and operations of information.