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(cc) Martien van Steenbergen

LandONE has a new name: Aarde.

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October 19, 2018—Welcome to LandONE, a brand-new country.

And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house?
And you may ask yourself
Well, how did I get here?
—Pete Seeger, The Talking Heads

You, like almost everybody else who first heard of this new country, initially pause, questioning if this is for real. Next, you somehow feel deeply touched by this prospective, and your eyes start to twinkle. It strikes a chord. You feel like hit by something. Even better than coming home. Finally, your imagination runs away with all the thrilling opportunities, possibilities and potential it brings.

Since that moment, the thought does not leave your mind, keeps on recurring, growing into the burning desire to become a citizen of LandONE.

My desire is to get in touch with you and other practitioners and start a dialog on how we can help each other—using the Law of Attraction—to create a world like your vision imagines.

I am currently architecting and writing a concrete and SMART plan that will realize my Burning Desire: creating and growing a timeless harmonious resonating inspiring new country where nature, mankind, government, regions, towns, and buildings blend seamlessy and strengthen each other and feel good, and where social credit in the form of Thank You is the new “currency”, replacing money as we know it, with a chaordic fractal self-governing sociocracy government or holacracy. Umpf. That's a whole lot. Very very ambitious. Yes it is. It is startling. And it happens to be my Burning Desire. And I am confident that it will happen. I have extremely good faith in that it will happen and that it will be a leading example for a Whole Earth. Planting the seeds.

Key to this new land is a living and timeless architecture, at all levels of scale, from the country as a whole, its neighbouring countries, to regions, to cities and towns, to neighbourhoods, to buildings and rooms, and including nature itself of course. I want this land to invite the best architects that respect nature and the land and each other and help them unfold a timeless country that still is alive in a thousand years and ends up on UN's World Heritage list.

2007 will be the year where the—yet to be formed—Master Mind Alliance will embellish the plan to give it the breadth and depth needed for succesfull implementation in the years that follow. This comprehensive plan will be presented, personally, to the most important world leaders and organizations by the end of 2007.

This Master Mind Alliance will consist of senior and enlightened members with various complementary specialties like environmental biology, immunology, ecology and economics, psychology, business, politics, systems thinking, spirituality, and game theory.

The Master Mind Alliance is a small team of individuals committed to the same definite purpose. They all share the same burning obsession. Each of the members benefits from the increased enthusiasm, imagination, and knowledge, and they all are in agreement on the division of the rewards of each others labor. The Master Mind Alliance is characterized by cooperation, love, and friendship. Something each member gets by giving and going the extra mile.

On short term, I am working hard to find the funding for the Master Mind Alliance so that each member can justify to focus his or her attention on this shared Burning Desire to materialize the vision and embellish its plan.

How can we help and strengthen each other in this exciting challenge? I am totally committed. I am giving my life for this.

A top secret personalized six-page LandONE Vision document is available on request.

Get in touch—Martien van Steenbergen.