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Giel discovered during the interviews with dietists, that many users of our application will ask the system that: what kind of variation can i make while staying on the same amount of carbonates?

A solution to this problem is to skip the food products the user doesn't want. The system can look now in two ways for alternative foodproducts.

  • food products allready eaten. The system will search for food products in the entries de user has inserted in the database. The thought is that what people like to eat in the past they probally will eat in the future.
  • food products from the NEVO-table. The system will search through the NEVO-Table. It will throw up every posible alternative.


entry is:

1 slice of bread
1 slice of cheese
1 glass of milk
1 apple(30 g)
carbonate 390 gr

What is an alternative for : apple ?

1 slice of bread
1 slice of cheese
1 glass of milk
carbonate 300gr

query wordt dan:

ken nog niet de query taal van Jena.