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Must haves

  • Entering food is a pain. Problems with the food editable combo box: (In progress: Martijn)
    • When in edit mode:
      • Pressing tab causes the whole table to lose focus and cancels the edit. Instead, it should commit the edit and select the next cell. It should not be mandatory to hit enter to commit an edit.
      • Pressing escape causes the whole table to lose focus. Instead, it should cancel the edit and leave edit mode, leaving the cell selected.
      • Pressing enter does not commit the value and stop editing. (Done: Martijn)
    • When in select mode (not editing):
      • Starting to type should replace the cell's contents instead of appending text to the current value.
      • Combo box's popup should be below the text field.
    • If a cell containing a combo box is not selected and I click on it, then click another cell, the cell's contents have disappeared. (Done: Martijn)
  • Cells in the amount column:
    • Font should be the same size as in non-edit mode. Currently, font is bigger, causing characters to be clipped at the bottom.
      • --> Niet op windows XP, hier moet een Mac gebruiker ff naar kijken
    • Contents should show number with 1 decimal point, just like when editing the cell.
  • I can enter a glucose level and press OK. The entry is shown in the logbook tab. But I can't enter only food; pressing OK clears the text fields but nothing appears in the logbook tab. (Done: Martijn)
  • The insulin types dialog:
    • If I start editing a cell by typing, what I type should replace the cell's contents instead of append to the current value.
  • Food entries moeten in short vorm in logboek getoond worden. (Done: Sjoerd)
  • RDF stuff.


    • Contents should be right aligned when editing, just like they are when they're not in edit mode. (Done: Sjoerd)
  • In the My Profile dialog, I should be able to leave the password fields empty. (Done: Chris)
  • In the Response Curves tab:
    • Change zoom slider into zoom combo box. Remove text field. (Text field suggests I can change its contents.) (Done: Sjoerd)
  • The insulin types dialog:
    • Checks should be removed completely. (Done: Chris)


  • When adding an insulin type, Cheetah behaves normal. When editing the type, Cheetah is significantly slower. When editing it again, Cheetah crashes with: Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    • (Done?? Sjoerd: ik heb er hier geen last meer van maar enige wat ik gedaan heb is alle log statements in loops weggecomentaard) .
    • (Chris) Ik heb er nog steeds last van. Het lijkt alsof de tijd die het opslaan kost steeds verdubbelt. Het ligt waarschijnlijk niet aan jouw code, maar aan WiredReach/Jena.

Nice to haves

  • Prepopulated editable combo box in home panel with stress levels.
  • Prepopulated editable combo box in home panel with activities.
  • Remove My Profile and Insulin Types from Preferences menu and add them as tabs to My Diabetes dialog. Dialog is accessible by choosing Cheetah -> Preferences....
  • In the Reponse Curves tab:
    • Make sure something's visible when I change zoom level. At the moment, it is often the case that changing the zoom level makes the graph apparently empty, and I have to drag to make the graph visible again.


  • Tabs on top instead of on the left side (at Martien's request).
  • Removed Food and Activities tabs, since they're empty and would confuse the audience (at Martien's request).
  • Sometimes OutOfMemoryError caused by calling saveCurrent() — I've simply removed the call because it doesn't actually save the model (this is kinda hard to do at the moment) and just slows the application down.
  • Removed period (.) at end of "account successfully created" dialog title.
  • Show register dialog instead of login dialog if no accounts exist

Demo contents

  • Launch Cheetah
  • Update to latest version (Internet access required)
  • Register user
  • Fill out My Diabetes dialog
  • Add insulin type
  • Add logbook entry
  • Show logbook panel
  • Exit Cheetah


  • Ability to connect computer to large display
  • Internet access
  • Make sure old version is installed and new version is available online