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Aduna is an advanced and leading semantic web software company with deep knowledge of and experience in RDF, OWL, DAML, Topic Maps, Dublin Core and multi-facetted guided navigation.

During the second half of 2002, Martien van Steenbergen from AardRock and Jos van der Meer from—then still called Aidministrator—got in touch to synergize and put Aidministrator's technology in the hands of many end-users.

Early 2003, Martien started at Aidministrator as CEO and has given his whole heart, his whole mind and his whole soul. Martien's responsibilities ranged across vision, mission, values, marketing, business development, strategy, product management, pricing and licensing, infrastructure, talent development and customer care. The whole enchilada. During a challenging and intensive 14 months and under Martien's drive and leadership Martien has been:

  • Defining and executing the vision, strategy, and business plan, moving from investment mode to profitability, projecting €20M+ upside potential revenue in two years;
  • Leading a 10-person team;
  • Turning Aduna around from an inwardly-focused, technical-oriented group of people to a professional, externally and client-focused team in one year;
  • Changing the name from Aidministrator to Aduna;
  • Recruiting a valuable Engineering Manager;
  • Setting up a comfortable and predictable quarterly product release cycle, aligning engineering, marketing and sales processes;
  • Implementing Agile Development based on XP (eXtreme Programming) and SCRUM.
  • Boosting market awareness while realizing the ingredients for a solid brand, a brand with an attitude (2003);
  • Developing and unfolding individual talents;
  • Dramatically increasing team spirit, wholeness, commitment, dedication and joy;
  • Filling the sales pipeline with direct accounts (ABN AMRO Bank, Unilever, Pharos Reizen) as well as potential OEMs (Tridion, GX) and solution partners (IMN, Triam, Hoger Onderwijsgroep Bouw & Ruimte);
  • Changing the name from Aidministrator to Aduna;
  • Creating a solid, clear, colorful, professional new corporate identity and logo, the foundation for an excellent brand;
  • Relaunching the company, its technology and solutions, on December 9, 2003, for 100+ guests in theater “De Flint”, Amersfoort;
  • Showing the first business successes as a consequence of this make-over already in Q1 2004, just 2 months after the relaunch;
  • Creating a lot of attention and press coverage for the new Aduna and its solutions, starting October 2003;
  • Dramatically improving infrastructure and tooling by adding a file and mail server and other instruments like CVS, Ant, and MailMan; all based on open standards (NFS, NTFS, SMB, IMAP, LDAP, HTTP);
  • Turning an almost disjunct set of technology efforts into a comprehensive and coherent set of products called AutoFocus Personal and AutoFocus Server;
  • Creating the fundament for a professional, innovative semantic web toolkit or SDK called Spectacle Suite;

You can also have a look at Martien's complete resumé.