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From The Soul Of Money presentation by Angel McCormack

Money itself isn't the problem

Money in itself isn’t bad or good, it doesn’t have power or not have power, it is our interpretation with money and our interaction with it where the real mischief lies.

When people come from a viewpoint that there is never enough (scarcity) as opposed to a viewpoint that there is plenty to go around (sufficiency), the trouble begins.

Acting Persectives

Acting from a domain of:

Soul: Money:
Act with integrity Selfish
Thoughtful Greedy
Generous Petty
Courageous Fearful
Committed Controlling
Trusting of others Confused
Trustworthy Conflicted
At peace Guilty

Acting from Scarcity or Abundance

Scarcity Abundance
never enough gratitude
emptiness fulfillment
fear love
mistrust trust
envy respect
greed contributing
hoarding presence
competition faith
fragmentation integration
separateness wholeness
judgment commitment
striving acceptance
entitlement partnership
control responsibility
busy effortlessness
survival resilience
outer riches inner riches

Abundance Theory

Abundance is a fundamental law of nature, that there is enough… although finite.

Its finiteness is no threat, it creates a more accurate relationship that commands respect, reverence and the managing of those resources with the knowledge that they are precious.

Become a Steward of Money

If we learn to be stewards of money, rather than gatherers of money, it teaches us to bring quality and intelligence to our use of financial resources in ways that reflect our inner wealth.

Make Money Flow like Water or Blood

Blood in the body must flow to all parts of the body for health to be maintained. When blood slows down and begins to stop or clot, the body becomes sick.

When water is moving and flowing, it cleanses, it purifies, it makes things green, it creates growth. When water slows down, it starts to sludge, and becomes toxic.

This is also true of money. Accumulating and holding large amounts of money can have the same toxic effect on our lives.

Money is most useful when it is moving & flowing, contributed & shared, directed & invested in that which is life affirming.