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To install MediaWiki, simply follow the instructions from MediaWiki Installation for:

  • Mac OS X 10.4.8;
  • PHP 5.0.2-3;
  • MySQL 5.0.27;
  • MediaWiki 1.8.2.

To install Apache

Apache is standard installed on Mac OS X (10.0.4 has Apache 1.3.33 installed).

To install PHP

  1. Download PHP from Marc Liyanage and:
  2. Install according to instructions;
    • Installs in /usr/local/php5;
    • Creates appropriate symbolic link:
      • /etc/httpd/users/+entropy-php.conf -> /usr/local/php5/entropy-php.conf.

To install MySQL

  1. Download MySQL from official MySQL site;
  2. Follow instructions on Installing MySQL on Mac OS X;

To install MediaWiki

  1. Download MediaWiki from official site;
  2. Follow installation instructions and comprehensive MediaWiki Installation Guide
  3. Also read Upgrading to MediaWiki 1.8.

To set the wiki’s page title

  1. Edit MediaWiki:Pagetitle accordingly.

Drag and drop the URL into text will give you the page title, e.g. AardRock » Diamant » MediaWiki:Pagetitle.

To duplicate a Wiki instance

  • Source: server running MediaWiki 1.6.2 on (running some Linux flavour).
  • Target: laptop running a clean install of MediaWiki 1.8.2 on (my PowerBook G4 running Mac OS X 10.4.8).
  • Don't want to interfere with the existing Wiki database, so we'll set up a separate database using the same MySQL instance.
  • Different database name.
  • Different database table prefix.
  • Setting database grants correctly.
  • Different site name.
  • Different accounts and passwords.
  • Eliminating index.php from the URL.
  1. On the source machine , dump the database into an SQL file:
    • mysqldump -u root -p wikidb >~/cheetah_wiki.sql
  2. Switch to the target machine and securely copy all relevant files:
    • SQL dtabase dump;
    • Make a backup copy of your current LocalSettings.php;
    • LocalSettings.php, your MediaWiki identity; avoid overwriting your current version and use a different filename for LocalSettings.php;
    • Any extensions; verify that your extensions will also run on the target version of MediaWiki;
    • Any modified skins;
    • All your uploaded images;
% cd ~/Sites/wiki
% cp LocalSettings.php LocalSettings.php-PebbleBeach
% scp .
% scp LocalSettings.php-AardRock
% scp'*' .
% scp .
% scp -r .
% scp -r .
% cd .. && mv wiki w
  1. In LocalSettings.php-AardRock:
Change Variable: From: To:
$wgSitename "AardRock" "PebbleBeach"
$wgScriptPath "" "/w"
$wgArticlePath "$wgScriptPath/$1" "/wiki/$1"
$wgDBname "wikidb" "aap"
$wgDBprefix "cheetah_" "Flair"
$wgDBpassword "DB password on source system" "DB password on target system"
  1. Add the following lines to the end of LocalSettings.php-AardRock NOTA BENE accesscontrolSettings do not work in MediaWiki 1.8.2:
  1. Set the database grants for the new database appropriately
% mysql -u root -p
Enter password: ********
mysql> grant SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES on aap.* to 'wikiuser'@'localhost';

You can now easily switch between the two!

To switch to the Pebble Beach Wiki

cp LocalSettings.php-PebbleBeach LocalSettings.php

Test it and browse to to find that Wiki's content.

To switch to the AardRock Wiki

cp LocalSettings.php-AardRock LocalSettings.php

Test it and browse to to find that Wiki's content.

Seems like the beginning of a recipe for setting up a Wiki farm…