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Since the Cheetah project sparkled from The Netherlands, near Utrecht city, initial and potential participants tend to flock together in that proximity.

This list is far from complete and not even all have been contacted or have committed themselves to participate.

You are invited to add to this page or make corrections as you see fit. Please limit it to The Netherlands until further notice. Feel free to contact Martien van Steenbergen with any questions. Thank you.

  • Diabetes patients
    • Pregnant diabetics none as yet
    • Starters in life:
      • Tamar van Steenbergen, 1990, year 5 of Christelijk Gymnasium, Utrecht.
    • Out of control none as yet
  • Diabetes buddies
    • Close friends none as yet
    • Close family none as yet
  • Diabetes Communities
  • Health Care Specialists
    • Doctors and endocrinologists
    • Diabetic nurses:
      • Hanneke van de Bos, Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, Utrecht.
    • Dietists
      • Tamar's dietist, Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, Utrecht.
  • Equipment and Insulin Manufacturers
  • Health Insurance Companies
    • Zilveren Kruis
    • ONVZ
    • etc.
  • Medical Science
    • Researchers
      • Harold van der Valk, Utrecht Medical Center
    • Information technology staff
      • Henk Veze, IJsselland
      •, Stratenum, EPD (Electronic Patient Dossier)
  • Publishers in Health Care