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From 1995–1999, I have been deeply involved into the Java technology and its solutions. My key responsibilities were:

  • Putting Java and J2EE on the map in Holland by creating and executing marketing plan;
  • Promoting open (internet) standards and open source (OSS);
  • Organizing, hosting, moderating and chairing many large scale (audience >100) events, seminars and conferences (various Java conferences, Idea Machine (Evoluon), JavaONE customer trips);
  • Hosting 100+ relations of Sun Holland at JavaOne 1999 trip to San Francisco;
  • Hosting 150 relations of Sun Holland at Java Enterprise Solutions 1997-1999;
  • Lining up 11 Sun Authorized Java Centers as part of Sun’s world-wide Road to Java program;
  • Positioning Enterprise Java to hundreds of key customers like ABN-AMRO Bank, KPN, ING Bank, Albert Heijn, KLM, Oracle, CMG, CAP Gemini, etc., but also for seminar organizations like Euroforum, New Media Marketplace and others. Presentations at strategic level, blended with in-depth material when appropriate. Audiences also ranged from deep technical experts to board of directors;
  • Giving many interviews to journalists and the press, representing Sun, it's vision, strategy, technology and products, Java and Jini in particular in the late nineties. I was referred to as “Mr. Java” in Holland.
  • Writing many articles for the Dutch IT press like Automatisering Gids and Computable, to name two;
  • Putting Java on the map in Holland, evidenced by the many successful Java references;
  • Engaging 30 partners in 1998 to participate in the Java in Real Action Pavilion during Holland's largest IT trade show: The Internetworking Event ’98;
  • Co-founding Dutch Melange, the Dutch Java User Group;
  • Facilitating a Java seminar for publisher/event house Ten Hagen Stam for 100+ attendees in the RAI (1998);
  • Organizing, chairing and keynoting a 250+ audienceJava fans during a Java conference, Oosterhout in 1997;
  • Enthusing more than 500+ attendees during the second large Java conference in ’t Spant, Bussum in 1996. Organized, chaired, presented, programmed and project managed the complete day. Keynotes from Arthur van Hoff, one of the original authors of the Java web browser and Java compiler, Rob Creemers (trendwatcher), Bert Mulder (CIO Veronica).
  • Introducing the VPRO to Java and WebRunner (then called Oak and Live Oak). VPRO broadcasting company is one the first organizations working with Java in the world, and the first in the Netherlands. Their efforts resulted in a widely used open source content management system called MMbase.

You can also have a look at Martien's complete resumé.