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¥€$! More business with Martien van Steenbergen.

  1. Immerse me in complex new matter—technology, solutions, methods, organizations, systems, programs—and I'll enthuse thousands of people as passioned ambassador through presentations, workshops, seminars, dialogs and articles.
  2. Give me a problem in search for an innovative software solution and I'll ignite and lead a vibrant agile software development team accountable for riskless results and ROI—in time, within budget and with a sharp eye for extreme quality and evolvability.
  3. Give me a challenging problem or desired result and I'll give you a SMART proposal, including planning, budget and business proposal.
  4. Give me a group of people—department, unit, team or group—to rekindle their passion and drive and I'll deliver a thriving self-supporting team within six months while making my self redundant doing so.
  5. Connect me as trusted advisor to a commercial entrepreneur and we'll close one deal after the other, providing the exact value-based solution for the client. No guessing. Let's get real, or no deal.

Martien's powers:

  • strategic, ambitious, visoneer, innovative, open source, open standards;
  • translate complex matters to valuable visions;
  • passioned, drive and enthousiasm;
  • team player;
  • very result and solution focused;
  • agile business—embrace change—pure opportunity.

Martien's core values:

  • radical openess;
  • deep mutual respect;
  • 'whole-all'.

Martien's boundaries and wishes:

  • prefers to work as self-employed from his AardRock B.V.;
  • adapts to client's culture;
  • looks forward to three to four trips abroad per year;
  • during rush hours, commutes a maximum of 55 minutes centered around Utrecht with a preference towards the east side of Utrecht.

Your passion. My passion.

Feel free to read Martien's complete resumé.

Succes en plezier,