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The Cheetah Community is seeking pioneers who are interested in contributing to the well-being of diabetes patients. Becoming a Cheetah Owning Member is an excellent way to connect to others and simultaneously tap into and grow the value for all.

Principles of Practice

  1. Work to ensure that all diabetes patients, by right of birth, have access to software that improves their quality of life by assisting with daily diabetes care.
  2. Work to ensure that the software remains open source so that innovation can happen elsewhere.
  3. Work to ensure that free and open data formats emerge to seamlessly facilitate secure exchange of diabetes information.
  4. Enable participants to protect identity, relationships and private information from unwanted monitoring, intrusion, disclosure or use.
  5. Work to ensure diversity of technologies and communities.
  6. Work to ensure that technologies used as part of the Cheetah system are interoperable with one another.
  7. Work to ensure that no member obtains an intrinsic advantage in the Cheetah system.
  8. Work to ensure that voting rights and fees are derived from a common open formula based on each members contribution to the Cheetah system.
  9. Freely and fully exchange information relevant to the Purpose and Principles unless it violates confidentiality or materially diminishes competitive position.
  10. Resolve conflict creatively and cooperatively without resort to physical, economic, psychological, social or ecological violence.

Principles of Organization

  1. Be open to owning membership by any Individual or Institution subscribing to the Purpose and Principles in conducting activities of the Cheetah Initiative.
  2. Have the right to self-organize at any time, on any scale, in any form or around any activity consistent with the Purpose and Principles.
  3. Conduct deliberations and make decisions by bodies and methods that reasonably represent all relevant and affected parties and are dominated by none.
  4. Vest authority, perform functions and use resources in the smallest or most local part that includes all relevant and affected parties.
  5. Educe rather than compel behavior to the maximum possible degree.

The principles are the "organizational DNA" found in each and every "cell" of the Cheetah Community, no matter how it grows and evolves. Participation in the Commons provides owning members an opportunity for experiential learning about new ways to organize in a self-organizing, self-governing, self-evolving community!

Rights and Responsibilities of Owning Membership


The Cheetah Community's Constitution


I'm an Owning Member, now what?


Cheetah Participants

Started in The Netherlands early 2006, Cheetah focuses initially on:

  1. Diabetes patients
    pregnant diabetics
    seriously interested and highly motivated to live a healthy pregnancy, pregnant diabetics get our first attention
    starters in life
    people age 15-25
    out of control
    diabetes patients who ignore or even deny the fact that they have diabetes
  2. Diabetes buddies
    close friends
    involved in caring for their diabetic friend during work or school
    father, mother, brother, or sister exposed to and deeply involved in the daily and nightly care of their beloved ones
  3. Health Care Specialists
    doctors and endocrinologists
    needing to guide, advise, and control their many patients, discovering patterns in behavior and solutions
    diabetic nurses
    gaining the trust of their patients in giving practical advise and support in daily diabetic care
    composing diets to match personal conditions and nutrition habits, suggesting alternatives to create a healthy food balance
  4. Equipment and Insulin Manufacturers
    to make their instruments like blood glucose meters, test strips, needles and injector pens compatible
  5. Medical Science
    seeking for patterns, causes and effects, eager to find ways to improve diabetes care and help prevent or even cure it
    information technology staff
    seeking for a universal, highly semantic data format to standardize diabetes and nutrition information exchange
  6. Publishers in Health Care
    educating future nurses and specialists

For More Information

Please contact Martien van Steenbergen