Pimento Vermelho

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Places To Visit

Food To Try

  • Papas de Sarrabulho
  • Canja
  • Cozido à Portuguesa
  • Alheira
  • Lanche (bolo)
  • Arroz doce à la Martijn
  • Pudim Abade de Priscos
  • Toucinho do Céu
  • Bacalhau à Brás à la Tita


Places To Visit

Food To Try

  • Space cake
  • Snackbar: Broodje kroket, satésaus
  • Dark brown bread (waldkorn)
  • Broodbeleg
    • Roze/blauwe en witte muisjes
    • Gekleurde muisjes ("vruchtenhagel")
    • Stroop
    • Speculaas
    • Kokosbrood
  • Vla (vanille, chocolade, dubbelvla)
  • Salmiaknopkjes
  • Ontbijtkoek (Onno: "plakt aan de tanden")
  • Rolo


Summer Travelling

Getting There

  • Catch a plane
    • TAP Portugal, ~€250 (promoção)
    • Air Berlin, ~€350
  • Catch a truck (probably gratis — will have to discuss with neighbour)


In Holland:

  • In Utrecht (probably gratis — will have to discuss with Peter)

In Portugal:

  • With Sra Maria
  • With Nuno a.k.a. Bob Marley
  • With other Nuno or David (Portuguese-Polish guy)
  • With other David (whom Marc and Oana went to Spain with)

Other possibilities