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'''Welcome to AardRock'''
[[Image:Beurs-van-Berlage-Vista-No-More.png]]<span style="font-size:xx-small; color:#666666;"><br>photo courtesy and © Jan Derwig</span>
:<p style="background: #fff6cc;">Welkom in AardRock's Wiki. Kom naar de [[The Nature Of Order]] tijdens de [http://celebratework.nl Celebrate Work] van Vitae.</p>
* [[Cheetah]]&mdash;smart software for diabetics
* [[Serengeti]]&mdash;radical new business models heal the world
* [[Center for Human Emergence]]&mdash;helping The Netherlands shifting to the next level
* [[Conscious Company]]&mdash;responsible and sensible ways to sustain your business while helping our planet
* [[Digital Communication]]&mdash;tools to co-create all of the above
Previous projects:
* [[Klaar om te Wenden]]&mdash;900 people shape shifting Holland
Big Ideas:
* [[April Wise Fools Day]]
About AardRock
* [[Identity, Brand, Logo, Style, Personality and Essence]]
* Use these [[Idea Killers]] to battle-field test your ideas&mdash;what doesn't kill them only makes them stronger.
* Emergent complex systems better address the [[Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing]] from Peter Deutsch.
* [[Quotes and One Liners]]

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photo courtesy and © Jan Derwig

Welkom in AardRock's Wiki. Kom naar de The Nature Of Order tijdens de Celebrate Work van Vitae.