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* [[Maven]]
* [[Maven]]
* [[ProgrammeerAfspraken]]
* [[ProgrammeerAfspraken]]
* [[GraphicalUserInterface]]
* [[GraphicalUserInterface]] (in Dutch)
* [[TargetgroupResearch|Targetgroup research]]
* [[TargetgroupResearch|Targetgroup research]] (in Dutch)
* [[CodeQuality]]
* [[CodeQuality]]
* [[Wiki]]
* [[Wiki]]

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Welcome to the Cheetah project


Overall AardRockPlanning for AardRock, Serengeti, Cheetah, CHE, Conscious Company.



Meta / Tools

Cheetah background information and inspiration


  • Since Cheetah is intended for a global audience, all text will be in English by default.
  • Selected parts will be localized when needed. E.g. Press Releases in both English and Dutch.
  • Software needs to be [wiki:Internationalization Internationalized] (I18N) right from the start, and localized on demand from the market (L10N).

Development Sprints

Development sprints typically take a week. During the weekly meeting we will:

  • Acceptance test any completed stories.
  • Address and decide on any issues, problems and questions.
  • Select and prioritize stories for the next sprint.